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Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A happy and healthy 2008

Whether you're watching a bowl game on TV, tailgating at the stadium or making the rounds of New Year's Eve get-togethers, start your year off right with a plan for this weekend's events.

First, decide which foods you can't live without and skip those you can. Second, choose smaller portions of high-calorie items. Fill your plate with vegetables, low-calorie dips and salsa or fruit salads. Enjoy your food choices by sitting down and savoring your meal.

Remember alcohol affects your appetite, so if you're drinking you may end up eating more than you planned.

And finally, rather than just watching all those games, what about getting some physical activity? Take the dog for a walk, go biking with the kids or play some football yourself. These tips can help you begin 2006 on the right foot.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a year of good health.

A juicy story and a nutritious one

When you're thirsty, a refreshing, fruity beverage often hits the spot. Drink 100 percent juice for the greatest nutritional benefit.

Good examples include pink grapefruit juice and orange juice. Choosing juice for nutrition means reading the label. Check to be sure that the product is 100 percent juice. Read the ingredient list carefully to make sure that juice is one of the first ingredients.

As with most fruits and vegetables, the more colorful the juice, the more nutrients it contains, that may help protect against some cancers, heart disease and other chronic health conditions.

As more and more juices are fortified with calcium, you can double your benefit. But, since juices lack fiber, try to keep your intake to one serving daily.

This tip was provided by Kelley Steen, clinical dietitian at Central Peninsula Hospital, courtesy of the American Dietetic Association's public relations team.

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