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Green Party hurt ANWR protection by working to defeat Al Gore

Posted: Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Green Party hurt ANWR protection by working to defeat Al Gore

I sadly find it laughable that the Green Party of Alaska touts "protecting ANWR for future generations" as a major plank in its political platform. Before the 2000 elections, I interpreted "green" as representing environmental ethics. Now that the veil has lifted, I see that if the Green Party indeed cares for the environment, they possess about as much political savvy as a small head of lettuce.

By deliberately choosing to help defeat Al Gore, the Green Party has undeniably placed their idealism of a futuristic three-party system above the present need for preserving ANWR. If elected, Al Gore would have vetoed legislation designed to open ANWR. In the next four years, what worthwhile effect will the Green Party -- which cannot muster 5 percent of the national vote -- have in stopping ANWR legislation?

From what the Green Party of Alaska has shown us, its "political platform" is more accurately described under the heading "political satire." I suggest they take their "ecological wisdom" to Washington, D.C., and discuss it with renownedenvironmentalist George W. Bush, the man the Green Party elected. The Republicans, between their fits of laughter, must be eagerly awaiting the Green Party's next maneuver.

Clark Chambers


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