Dialogue sought from area spiritual leaders

Posted: Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The purpose of this letter is to open a dialogue with the spiritual leaders of our community and ask for their perspective on a complex issue. Often we hear that the influence of spiritual leaders is weaken in a society that has strong secular components. This is unfortunate as wisdom should come from all components of our society.

Recently, we were talking about the issue of torture or inhumane treatment of individuals in the name of self protection (individual or country). It became very obvious that we could asses the political positions of various individuals on this topic. However, we were missing input from local spiritual leaders in the community.

Therefore, we would ask that those in leadership roles write a response to our question from the perspective of their religion or spiritual belief. We do not want personal opinions based on political or self-interest considerations but a good discussion of why or when torture or inhuman treatment is justified, if ever, from a strictly spiritual perspective. A rational or discussion of what spiritual teachings justify the position taken would be of great value.

We hope all leaders of faith will respond to the Clarion via letter to the editor so we in the community can read the responses. Hopefully, this will provide a missing perspective on this important topic.

Thank you for your time and energy because words of wisdom are needed in these trying times.

Cathleen Rolph


Marie Rozak


Ken and Connie Tarbox


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