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Posted: Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm with everyone who has talked out against the Pebble Mine. How can we even think of giving these bozos the right to use poisons on our precious land? Cyanide? Isn't that what makes all those people drop dead instantly in James Bond movies? They want to leave some of that behind?

We should all be scared to death of these guys and make it absolutely clear we aren't some Third World country that they can abuse.

We are the state that forced all the huge oil companies to take years studying the way they were going to make the oil pipeline, and only then learned that their way of burying it in a hole would have been disastrous to the permafrost. We are the state that fined Exxon $5 billion for their oil spill, and I say we should be the state that says you shall leave absolutely no poisons at all behind, and be able to prove it. That will effectively shut them down since they're planning to leave behind a huge pit of toxins.

I'm not a rich man, but being paid to destroy our pristine land for hollow promises from these type of greedy forces won't make me feel any richer. We are being warned. They told the people in Montana the same slick story and, to their dismay, it all turned out to be a lie.

Neil C. Robinson


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