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Posted: Friday, December 28, 2007

A recent writer made some false and misleading claims about health care (Clarion, Dec. 21).

The writer claims socialized medicine has "failed" worldwide, and in an attempt to "prove" his erroneous point, he provides unsourced hearsay as if such hearsay is, or could be, credible evidence of his false assertion.

The writer attempts to declare Sweden and Switzerland are moving toward privatizing their health care. While Sweden and Switzerland both have, and long have had, systems with a mix of public and private care, it's simply not supported to claim that their respective systems of universal care are failing, or are that either country are moving away from government regulated universal care.

The writer attempts to recite statistics for Canadian and UK cancer rates that aren't supported by recent reports compiled by the U.S. Department of Health, Center for Disease Control's U.S. Cancer Statistics Working Group.

The writer would do well to partake of some independent research and analysis instead of relying on false claims promoted by various scare mongers, and unsourced falsifications distributed via viral e-mails.

An informed dialogue on improving our health-care system is necessary, but that needed dialogue will not be fostered through the promotion of false and misleading claims.

Paul Zimmerman


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