Another take on religion and DADT

Posted: Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After reading one of the most disgusting outbursts of hatred against gays concerning the DADT issue, I just had to add my two cents. Enough with the ridiculous fear mongering and bigotry. There are over 25 countries whose military already allows gay people to openly serve. So far, none of these countries have imploded or fallen into the sea. George Washington was mentioned in the latest bigoted rant, and was used as an example of someone seeking divine guidance. I guess getting guidance from the Christian god would explain why he failed to see a problem with slavery.

It was also mentioned that Washington did not allow blasphemy. Well, last I checked, our country was founded on freedom of speech. Before people start talking about the history of the U.S. and its principles, they should actually know what they are.

While some seek moral guidance from a dictator who, according to the Bible, once commanded people to slaughter children for premarital sex and kill neighbors for gathering firewood, others do not. We live in a democratic society where such a dictator has no say on our laws. I and others are allowed to use reason and compassion as moral guides.

This is not a theocracy, nor has it ever been. We have freedom of speech, a democratic system, and a separation of church and state. If there are any traitors to be named, they are the ones that betray these principles. I will not sit back and have people call us traitors and telling us that soldiers are dying because we believe in the REAL principles of this country.

Ironically, this war was initiated by someone claiming to consult god. I would say the vast majority of those who support DADT are actually against the war. We will not be your scapegoat. Gay people are just as deserving of the same rights as everyone else, and hateful, fear mongering rants aren't going to change that.

Orion Satori, Soldotna

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