It's a Wrap for Christmas 2010

Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2010

If you happened to pass by Kaladi Bros. on Kobuk in Soldotna last week and glanced in the windows afterhours, you might have paused and wondered what was going on. People frantically wrapping up other people? According to Kobuk store manager Amirah Marey, it was the Kaladi Christmas party for their employees and they decided to have a wrapping contest. However, what was being wrapped wasn't the traditional gift fare, but the employees themselves. New Kaladi employee, Keith, had only been in training for two days and found himself being the first to be wrapped up. "It was getting pretty hot in there," he said. "I felt like a burrito in a blanket, but at least I wasn't the Piata that you hit with a stick," Keith laughed. "None of the wrapping paper was new, but rather it was recycled gift wrap that was otherwise on its way to the dump. I recovered it from the compost pile outback, we saved all the bows and I'm going to iron out the paper and use it again to decorate the store next year" said Amirah. "It was the most fun party ever and no alcoholic beverages. All you need is a little Kaladi coffee to have a great time with your friends."

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The best comes in little packages.

The rules of engagement for the wrapping contest were fairly simple and allowed for creativity within a set time frame explained Amy, manager of Kaladi II, "We randomly drew names for teams and then one person had to be selected to be wrapped. The clock started ticking and five minutes later the wrap had to be completed," she said. Finished packages were then lined up for judging, "We were going to have to judge ourselves, but then a Dispatch photographer stopped by and did the judging for us. He went with the littlest one because he said the best things come in small packages," said Amy. The small package was none other than three-and-a-half year old Scout Wyant of Soldotna.

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