Posted: Monday, December 30, 2002

Teachers deserve praise for tireless efforts on behalf of community

I feel its my duty as a parent (single parent) to explain why I feel that teachers are special people. Seems like all we hear about nowadays is how our school teachers are all overpaid for what little work they do. This is very difficult for me to swallow, especially because of what I have personally observed about our teachers. I suggest every parent spend just one hour a week visiting their child's classroom, and then, if any parent still feels that our teachers are overpaid for what work they do, add another hour to each week's visit until such time you reach the point where you spend all day at school with your child and 25 other children five days a week. How many takers do we have out there?

What I've discovered and learned about our teachers is that they are a special class of people who very seldom get the credit they deserve. I am a single parent raising a 10-year-old daughter and have been an active parent with my daughter's school and her teachers forever. I've been there and done almost everything in my life -- except fly a 747 or operate a cruise ship. I'm a father, mother, doctor, nurse, cook, housekeeper, cleaner, babysitter and, yes, in a way I'm also a teacher. However, with all my above-mentioned trade skills which I have accomplished throughout my life (and, oh yes, still learning more each day with my 10-year-old daughter who seems to think she is a teen-ager and is driving me nuts), none of my skills compares to what I've learned by observing our school teachers at work.

Mountain View Elementary has the finest class of these type of people (teachers) that I have ever encountered as a parent. I've noticed how much patience my daughter's teacher, Mrs. Jackson, seems to have with the children in her classroom. I know how hard it is to take care of my daughter -- much less be a teacher, educator, trainer, mother, father, nurse and cleaning person for more than 25 children all at the same time five days a week.

Let's get real here. Would you as a parent want to take on this type of task, day in and day out? I don't think so.

And for all these special class of people, I hereby give my praise and a salute to our children's school teachers here on the peninsula who are all doing such a wonderful job teaching our children -- and a special thanks to you, Mrs. Jackson -- for God has blessed all of you.

James Bounds , Kenai

Preschool raffle raises $1,500, thanks to businesses, volunteers

Kenai Cooperative Preschool recently held its second annual holiday raffle. This year's "Fall into the Holidays" raffle was a huge accomplishment. The preschool raised over $1,500, thanks to the tremendous effort of its parents and students and the generous public and community sponsors.

Without the support of so many, the raffle's success would have been limited. A special thanks goes to Misty Hamilton, an outstanding parent, volunteer and board member. Her time and effort were unending and did not go unnoticed. More thanks to Alli Steinbeck (4 years old) who turned out to be a natural when it came to selling those tickets! Way to go, Alli! Our top three sellers at the school were the Hamiltons, the Stantons and the McGahans.

It goes without saying that we would also like to thank the many businesses of our community for their prize donations as well as sharing their space with us to sell our tickets.

Audio Concepts donated our grand prize, an automatic car starter, including installation, which was won by Sean Otis. Thanks so much to Audio Concepts and congratulations, Sean. Our other fabulous prizes were donated by equally special businesses including ACS, Agrium, Alaska Lanes, Aspen Hotels, Coke, Corporate Express, Country Foods, Don Jose's, Duke's 8th Ave Hotel, Era Aviation, Fingerpaint Nails, Fred Meyer, Flower House, H2Oasis, Haircutters, Halcyon, Hertz, Hey Good Lookin', Java Junction, Kmart, Kaladi Brotherss, Dr. Koob, Major Marine Tours, Mykel's, Napa, New Peking, Office Tech, Paradiso's, Peninsula Beauty Supply, Peninsula Computer Solutions, Pizza Boys, Ruben's International Restaurant, Spenard Builders Supply, Tesoro, Wells Fargo and Williams Express.

The preschool still has openings available. If you have questions or would like an information packet, please contact us at 283-3100.

Thanks again and happy holidays.

Chris Holmes, Kenai Cooperative Preschool

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