Children worldwide express their hopes, dreams for 2001

Posted: Sunday, December 31, 2000

What are kids hoping for in the New Year? asked young people around the world: If you had special powers, what would you make happen in 2001? Here are just 10 of hundreds of responses:

"I would give all the animals a safe place and anybody that hunts would go to jail for the rest of their lives. I would make my dad come live with us and let me at least celebrate one Christmas."

--Camille, 10, from Mexico

"If I had magical powers I would make smoking and drug use a crime. And I would make Texas get snow."

--Logan, 10, from U.S.A.

"I would make the poor rich, the rich share, the hungry full, the thirsty not thirsty anymore. I would make slavery illegal. I would give women everywhere a better chance of doing things. I would make everything in the world fair."

--Natasha, 11, from U.S.A.

"If I had magic powers I would be able to fly."

--Tamryn, 9, from Canada

"I would probably wish that everyone could find someone that really loves them. I'd also wish that I could fly and that everyone was equal, and everybody lived for a very long time."

--Naomi, 13, from United Kingdom

"I would wish that there would be no worries, sadness or pain. I know what it feels like to worry or be sad, and I know that that is the worst feeling in the world."

--Holly, 11, from U.S.A.

"That all cool clothes and shoes hair stuff should be free, that kids can drive, and that kids are bosses of adults."

--Dancing, 13, from Egypt

"I think kids should be able to walk into a toy shop and just grab any toy they want and not have to pay for it. I think nothing should cost anything.

--Kerry, 10, from U.S.A.

"I would make a chocolate house."

--Alexandra, 6, from Portugal

"I will give food, a house to live in, and many clothes to wear. I will kill all ghosts."

--Kannan, 12, from India

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