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Posted: Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Times are tough, but we can trust God to always keep his promises

"And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. Then he who sat on the throne said, 'Behold I make all things new.' And he said to me, 'Write, for these words are true and faithful.'" (Revelation Chapter 21, verses 4 and 5, King James Version)

Oh, what comforting words these are. I am copying them from the Bible as I listen to the news about yet another fatal car crash on the Seward Highway, and I also am preparing to go visit a friend with cancer.

It seems these days as if everyone is going through so much. Times are tough and they seem to be getting even tougher.

But, you know, when I read the words of our Savior I know we can make it. He will never give us more than we can handle.

He keeps his promises! Soon he will return for His children. Soon, if we choose, we will be in a Kingdom with no tears.

Now is the time to reach those who need to be reached, love those who need to be loved and encourage those who need encouragement.

And to tell everyone about the Light that shines in darkness. (Revelation Chapter 22, verse 5, King James Version)

God be with you all.

Sheryl Dee Main


(Joshua 1:9, Psalm 91:11)

Dark side to conservative belief: All people are not created equally

The moral outrage over conservative Trent Lott's allusion to his past and likely present racism was a bit overblown. After all, the senator openly calls himself a conservative and we shouldn't fault a duck for walking and talking like a duck. Apparently, upset voters don't know the political science 101 definition of a conservative, which includes "antipathy to egalitarianism" as a persistent core belief.

The widespread outcry over Lott's vague self-disclosure leads me to suspect that many of our clergy, who did a great job of leading the sheep to vote for conservatives, have miserably failed to enlighten their flock about the acknowledged shadow-side of conservativism.

That dark side includes the universal conservative belief that all people are not created equal and that women, minorities, foreigners and other outgroups are less valuable people who are predestined for exploitation by conservatives.

Barbara McDaniel


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