Saturday, December 31, 2005

Political correctness going too far
I’d like to know why our troops can’t say “Merry Christmas” in their videos home on the news? Even to their own family? Is someone trying to be politically correct about something? Is this another “Bush” thing because his Christmas cards say “Happy Holidays”?

Reader: Time to educate America
Dec. 21, the U.S. Congress failed, after almost three decades to open ANWR for oil exploration. Over that time, the federal government has spent trillions of dollars defending the Middle East to assure the continued access to this foreign oil while ignoring our most promising potential domestic source of gasoline.

Reader: Pick whatever greeting suits you
A letter to the people who are offended by “Merry Christmas.” Did you ever think that other people are offended by “Happy Holidays”?

Trip to ANWR might open some eyes
All the environmental groups exist off their untruths. I have a suggestion: Sierra Club members of Alaska, now is the perfect time to organize a news group, camera’s and all, maybe a dozen of your choice members.

Preparing for a fall: How ready is the peninsula to deal with a major eruption?
Ninety-four years ago in what is now Katmai National Park and Preserve, Novarupta Volcano exploded launching an estimated 21 cubic miles of material into the atmosphere over a three-day period, and burying the surrounding landscape with an ash flow 100 to 700 feet deep.

Coordination would be key in response to serious ash fall
The Alaska Volcano Observatory is responsible for identifying and rating the level of hazard posed by Alaska’s volcanoes, and for warning that an eruption was imminent or had occurred.

Taxi services expect busy New Year’s Eve getting people home
Business in service professions rises and falls with the tide of daily customers. Depending on the day, servers in restaurants may run around for an entire shift without a break or stand around waiting for customers to show up.

Walden versed in emergencies
Many residents of the Kenai Peninsula know Scott Walden, the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s new Emergency Management Coordinator, who took over that job two week ago.

James P. ‘Jay’ Weimar
Former Kenai resident James P. “Jay” Weimar died Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2005, in Jacksonville, Fla., after battling cancer. He was 48.

The good, bad and the future
As the saying goes, no news is good news.

Names for wildlife areas on the Kenai Peninsula have a long history
Imagine if places had no names. How would your friends tell you how to find that “secret” moose hunting lake or fishing hole? Yet, early maps of Alaska showed vast areas of land and water with no names. A 1915 U.S. Geological Survey map of the Kenai Peninsula has the entire eastern half of the Kenai marked as “unexplored.”

Fish and Game loosens regs to encourage catching fish
In an attempt to better evaluate the effect illegally introduced northern pike are having on Scout Lake in Sterling, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is relaxing some sport fishing regulations there.

Audubon Society’s list of vulnerable Alaska birds balloons to 49 species this year
An old snag in the yard might spell eyesore to most home owners, but for the olive-sided flycatcher nesting next to a big dead tree is the equivalent of owning beach-front property.

Outdoor Briefs
Board to consider peninsula fishingRefuge closed to snowmachinesEnhancement program seeks volunteersPreservation campaign seeks donationsRefuge sponsors birding hotlineTrail Advisory Board meeting plannedFish and Game accepting comments

Around the Peninsula
Remembrance celebration setKenai Elks to dance in New YearBone marrow, blood sought for pairNikiski senior cafe closed SundayFood bank lists holiday closure

Sports Briefs
Ninilchik girls win in Sitka

Church Briefs
Center plans New Year services‘Watchnight’ service plannedService schedule changed for holidayNew Year plan includes God’s word

For Eddie, every Friday means praying in the spirit
The alarm pierces the darkness.

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