Sense of humor appreciated

Posted: Monday, December 31, 2007

I just read an article that said the TSA was ranked lower than even the IRS as the least liked federal agency. FEMA was the only agency ranked lower, but fortunately I haven't had any dealings with FEMA.

The first week in October I was in a TSA line at Ted Stevens. As always, I tried to get through the ordeal without being singled out for special attention. I had no sharp objects, small liquid items were in a separate Ziplock, my jacket and shoes were on the conveyer, I had no metal in me or on me so I breezed through the metal detector.

But wait! In my rush to avoid delaying my fellow travelers, I had inadvertently put my passport into my jacket pocket. I had no ID. Stop, special handling is required. I waited sheepishly while a very formidable looking agent retrieved my passport from my jacket.

He looked at my passport, he looked at me. He looked at my passport, he looked at me. This happened several more times until he smiled said "Just kidding," and handed me my passport. I was smiling as I put on my shoes, retrieved my belongings and headed for my flight. I smile each time I remember his humor.

So my thinking has changed. The TSA can't be all bad if they hired that gentleman. Not only did he show a sense of humor in the always tense security line, but he had the perception to know that I would understand and enjoy his little joke.

I wish happy holidays to that agent and to any other covert humorists in the TSA.

Jim Bennett


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