Marine highway loses naturalists to budget cuts

JUNEAU — As the sun creeps into the sleeping quarters of the Tustumena, passengers who take a second to look out the window wake up... Read more

Space technology finds applications in Alaska

JUNEAU — A winter in an Arctic village is not for the weary.

Northern Alaska is subject to some of the harshest conditions on the planet.... Read more

Amendments added to Speaker's gun legislation

JUNEAU — A Senate committee heard strong public testimony Monday in favor of criminalizing new federal gun regulations in Alaska.

HB69, by House Speaker Mike Chenault,... Read more

School funding changes not likely to fly this session

JUNEAU — A major education funding package is unlikely to gain traction in the Alaska Legislature during the last three weeks of the session despite... Read more

Abortion bill called unconstitutional, unneccessary

JUNEAU — A bill that would cut state funding for abortions in cases which are not “medically necessary” is unconstitutional and unnecessary, a lawyer for... Read more

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